In this page you can find links to the Erasmus+ projects in which I participated during recent years at the 4th Junior High School of Aigaleo.

1. European Good Will Cup

Project involves “…. doing goodwill activities for old-aged, needy and disabled people …doing goodwill activities to promote empathy for homeless animals, eco-world and organic food …promoting students’ consciousness about school, books and games to spend their time and not to be addicted to bad habits and prevent them from early school leaving…aiming to make students become aware of others and reflect the behaviors they had experienced into their own life”

2. Effective steps to Empathize

Project aims to increase esteem towards people in need, to promote confidence and respect of vulnerable people by increasing self-esteem and creating a set of workshops used as a creative new space in school, called Erasmus Hub, a place where children can meet, regardless their background, to experience new methods of learning and to spend time together. Visit the project’s twinspace here.